New Sins for the Modern World

Local Parishioner Johnathan Sumpter
Local Parishioner Johnathan Sumpter
Msgr. Joseph Tash
Msgr. Joseph Tash

The Vatican is "Going Green" as ambassadors for mother nature and that could mean modern sins for the modern world.

Newschannel 10 spoke with local Catholics to find out if the church has really adopted what some are calling "new sins."

One local parishioner says it is good the Vatican is addressing environmental problems since they are an important part of our modern society.

Johnathan Sumpter says, "It's not necessarily that we focus on sins it's more, it's that we focus on trying to do good and that we live a lifestyle fully in God."

And he says maybe the same values written in the Bible apply.

"Maybe it's not even saying that these are new sins, but the same sins with a different application."

Although they may not be real sins, a local Monsignor says the Vatican is just telling the community to be aware and take responsibility for environmental dangers.

Msgr. Joseph Tash says, "I think what he's saying is that the responsibility lies with the individual person. That every individual has the responsibility to protect what's been give to us."

The environmental issues that top the list are pollution and climate change.