Neighborhood Mourns Double Homicide Victims

Residents in the North Amarillo neighborhood are mourning the loss of their neighbors, and are also concerned for their safety.

Newschannel 10's Stephanae Benson spoke with friends and neighbors about a crime they say may have been a long time coming.

Some of 11 year old Severo Rodriguezes friends hang out in their usual spot. Clearly still in shock about the loss of their friend.

"A little bit sad cause that's my homie right there. He used to come to my house and spend the night. And um, I can't believe he got shot."

But neighbors say they've been suspicious about the corner apartment for some time.

"When I go to work at 3 in the morning I see people outside and just people in and out in and out and that's concerning. My wife is here in the mornings my two girls one little boy it's kind of scary seeing that." said Alex Rodriguez a neighbor.

According to a printout from the Amarillo Police department there have been 41 calls in the past year to this address. Last night being the last call escalating to a double homicide."

"It's devastating for us as neighbors I can't imagine what it's like for the family. It's awful that it happened here so close to home." said Amber Sanchez another neighbor who says Severo was a good kid.

Police say they are adding 20 to 25 extra patrols in the area to ensure the neighborhood stays safe. As for Severo's friends they say they bless his soul.

"He's like a good boy, he always is good to his mom, respect, and at school too."

Residents on this Lincoln block hope in light of the recent tragedy they now receive a lot more attention from the Amarillo Police Department.