Amarillo Residents Contacted by Group Accused of Fraud

They were contacted by a chiropractic company who is now involved in a multi-million dollar lawsuit... And they live right here in Amarillo.

Allstate insurance claims chiropractic strategies group, which owns a chiropractic office in amarillo, posed as telemarketers or insurance representatives and told people recently in car accidents that they needed to go see a chiropractor.

Several people in Amarillo say they received those calls.

Andy Babcock says, "I told them I was not hurt, I don't need treatment, and they were very pushy and persistent...they were telling me if you feel any pain, the slightest bit of pain we need you to come in here because it could affect the money you could get from your insurance."

Stephanie Carey says, "They were real persistent about me going. They said they were from Allstate and that I was supposed to go to the chiropractor"

Both Carey and Babcock say they received the calls right after they had been involved in a traffic accident.

The company reportedly told both of them that their bills would be covered.

Babcock says, "Promised me that it wouldn't cost me anything out of pocket, that it would just go to the insurance company." =

Both Carey and Babcock received several treatments and were refferred to lawyers as well.

Something that is also listed in the lawsuit Allstate Insurance has filed against the company..

They are seeking 10 million dollars in damages in the suit and all together are putting more than 60 defendants on the front lines.

I called both the local office and headquarters for the chiropractic company. My calls have not been returned.