Eating Disorders and Elementary School?

Local mother and non-profit president Trish Knight
Local mother and non-profit president Trish Knight
Local doctor Kaye Renshaw
Local doctor Kaye Renshaw

It's a deadly disease that is now facing our elementary school children...eating disorders.

Local mother and non-profit president Trish Knight says she receives letters from parents who are desperate for help.

"One of them it started when they were four years old. The other one was saying we need some help we need some financial help.

As a mother of an anorexic daughter Knight has seen the effects an eating disorder takes on the body.

"Her heart had shrunk over 50% her bladder, kidneys and liver were all shutting down here spleen function could not be found.

Local doctor Kaye Renshaw says body image issues are sometimes the case but stress and anxiety is the biggest contributer.

"TAKS test is a big one. You know we see a lot of kids, very young kids seven, eight years old complaining of headaches, stomach aches, pulling thier hair out."

The pressure to be perfect is a major reason she says children worry themselves sick but there are ways parents can help.

"Parents developing skills to allow our children to ways to cope. We live in a society where we want children to not have to endure stress, we want to rescue them which isn't always the best thing."

If you suspect your child might be suffering from an eating disorder you are urged to contact your doctor immediately.