New Mexico Funding Bill

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson signed a bill today allowing 341 million dollars for statewide capital improvements.

Most of the money will be used to create pre-kindergarten class rooms, upgrade police and fire department equipment, and repair water and sewer systems.

Vetoed regional requests:
9th Judicial District Attorney office equipment $20,000
Clovis communications/administration building $350,000 Clovis
Texico Municipal School District information technology $50,000 Texico
Portales performing arts center equipment and furnishings $75,000 Portales
De Baca County clerk's office building construction $35,000
De Baca County courthouse annex repair $30,000 Fort Sumner
Fort Sumner irrigation district improvement $20,000 Fort Sumner

Requests approved:

Curry County
Clovis Community College phone system upgrade $113,000 Clovis
Clovis Food Bank refrigerator equipment $20,000 Clovis
Clovis industrial park construction $200,000 Clovis
Clovis Region IV Housing Authority building $70,000 Clovis
Clovis Senior Center vehicles $28,546 Clovis
Clovis streets improvement $25,000 Clovis
Clovis wastewater plant repair $205,198 Clovis
Curry County Fairgrounds renovate $20,000
Curry County roads 10, E, C, D improvements $174,000
Curry County Road Department equipment purchase $50,000
Curry County Special Events Center construction $850,000
9th Judicial District Attorney vehicles purchase $62,000
Grady emergency services equipment/vehicle $303,000 Grady
Melrose cemetery expand and improvement $20,000 Melrose
Melrose Fire Department substation $250,000 g Melrose
Melrose health care clinic purchase and construction $60,000
Melrose lift station and water system expand $20,000 Melrose
Melrose Senior Center vehicles $44,000 Melrose
Melrose water system improvement $100,000 Melrose
NMSU Clovis agricultural science center improvement $74,000
Texico Fire and Police Departments storage/maintenance building $20,000 Texico
Texico water and wastewater improvement $150,000 Texico
Summary for Curry County. $2,796,744

Roosevelt County
Causey Fire Department truck bays $40,000 Causey
Dora Fire Department substation $120,000 Dora
Elida maintenance vehicles $35,000 Elida
Elida Municipal School District roads improvement $60,000 Elida
Elida streets improvement $35,000 Elida
ENMU biological sciences equipment $37,000 Portales
ENMU emergency phone equipment $30,000 Portales
ENMU KENW training studio $88,000 Portales
ENMU physical sciences equipment purchase $25,000 Portales
ENMU voice laboratory equipment purchase $40,000 Portales
ENMU weight training facility $350,000 Portales
Floyd Fire Department addition $100,000 Floyd
Floyd water treatment facility construction $49,000 Floyd
N Abilene Road improvement-Portales $50,000 Portales
Portales affordable housing $200,000 Portales
Portales community service center renovate $100,000 Portales
Portales Fire Department main station construction $90,000 Portales
Portales Memorial construction $25,000 Portales
Portales Memorial Park swimming pools $45,000 Portales
Portales streets improvement $50,000 Portales
Roosevelt County roads improvement $495,000
Roosevelt County Sheriff office equipment purchase $55,000
Roosevelt County special hospital district emergency and trauma center $35,000
Summary for Roosevelt County. $2,154,000

De Baca County
De Baca County transfer station equipment purchase $270,000
De Baca County valley community house renovation $41,000
Fort Sumner Library expansion $50,000 Fort Sumner
Fort Sumner Municipal School District parking lots improvement $50,000 Fort Sumner
Fort Sumner Police vehicles purchase/equipment $50,000 Fort Sumner
Fort Sumner sewer system improvement
Summary for De Baca County. $761,000

Quay County
Eastern N.M. Rural Water Authority Ute Reservoir $230,000
Logan landfill equipment and truck loader $100,000 Logan
Logan Municipal School District vehicles purchase $25,000 Logan
Logan senior center vehicles $35,000 Logan
Logan water and wastewater infrastructure build $25,000 Logan
MCC North American wind research and training center $25,000 Tucumcari
NMSU Tucumcari agricultural science center $25,000 Tucumcari
Quay County infrastructure improvement $80,000 Tucumcari
Quay County rock crusher purchase $300,000
San Jon ambulance chassis purchase $25,000 San Jon
San Jon Fire Department facility and truck $300,000 g San Jon
San Jon Municipal School District activity bus $55,000 San Jon
Tucumcari water and wastewater improvement $380,000 Tucumcari
Summary for Quay County. $1,605,000

Regional total: $7,316,744