Clinton and Obama Address Issues Important to the Panhandle

One day to make it or break it... The candidates are reaching out to members of the panhandle today.

Hillary Clinton's campaign contacted stations across the state, trying to make a last minute push.

We took the questions to barack Obama's campaign to hear both sides answers... To help you decide.

The first question... Leading up to tomorrows important vote... What is the last thing you want residents to know about you before they head to the polls.

Clinton hit the issue she's been driving hard this whole race... Health care.

"We're going to have to make the economy work for hard working people again, and i think we got to face up to the fact that our healthcare system is to expensive for too many. Healthcare premiums are going up double digits. Doctors, nurses, people are disheartened and discouraged by the fights you have to have with insurance companies and government bureaucrats to try to get the bills paid."

Spokesman for Barack Obama, Nick Shapiro says, "He's rejecting the politics of division and cynasism and inspiring people to believe that we can come together for progress ahead of partisanship and solve our biggest problem. "

Obama's camp also stresses the importance of ethanol production and alternative energy.

"Senator Oobama will invest a 150 billion over ten years into creating over 5 million green jobs, many of which will be the wind and ethanol energy." Shapiro says.

Clinton isn't avoiding the subject either.

"That we invest in clean renewable energy to help create millions of new jobs, which i think will be great. That we make the decisions that are going to make us a strong, rich, safe country, and that's what i intend to do as your president if you give me a chance to serve.

It isn't just the democrats racing to win delegates tomorrow.. There are still two active republican candidates.

We contacted John McCain and Mike Huckabee's campaigns to get their sides of the issues, but did not receive an answer to our questions.