E.R. Doctors Leaving Local Hospital

Dr. Stephen Neumann, Medical Director, Amarillo Emergency Physicians
Dr. Stephen Neumann, Medical Director, Amarillo Emergency Physicians

After losing twelve E.R. Doctors to B.S.A., Northwest Texas Health Care System is looking to replace  them. Both hospitals want to assure the community that the change will not affect the level of services they currently receive in the Emergency Room.

Amarillo Emergency Physicians gave notice Friday they are leaving Northwest Texas Hospital for BSA. The health care system released a statement today saying their "immediate focus is to secure appropriate medical coverage to be in place after the 90 day notice."
But many are wondering why the change at all?

"BSA obviously has to operate an emergency department, you need equipment, facilities, and you need technology and they can bring that to the table and Amarillo emergency physicians brought to the tabel a group of highly trained and specialty certified emergency physicians, so it seemed to be a natural partnership." said AEP's Medical Director, Dr. Stephen Neumann.
Northwest is owned by Universal Health Services, part of a 26-hospital group. So Dr. Neumann says the citizens of Amarillo will not suffer because of their move. 

"They have tremendous resources with which to replace us over there. There are a lot of options that are available to them they will certainly be able to find coverage. No I don't think the citizens of Amarillo will be without coverage at the current trauma center."

B.S.A. hopes to cut emergency room wait times by brining in this group and expand services. No one will be turned away at either hospital if they have an emergency. And the transition is schedule to take place in June.