Texas Democratic Caucus Explainer

The "Texas Two-Step" for Democrats includes two steps on Tuesday. The Primary vote and the Caucus afterwards.

The Primary counts for roughly 2/3 of delegates, and the Caucus for the other third.

Here's what voters need to do:

  • Vote in the Primary, either on March 4th, early voting, or voting by mail
  • After polls are closed at no earlier than 7:15, Caucusing will take place
  • You must go to the polling place you are registered to go to, even if you early voted or voted by mail
  • Once the Caucus begins, you will sign in and put the name of your candidate of choice. Or, you can put undecided
  • A person elected by participating members will conduct the meeting, and the candidate with the most supporters at that Caucus will win the precinct
  • Undecided voters can listen to supporters for each candidate, and then choose the candidate based on the meeting

The Caucuses are scheduled to begin at 7:15, but could be delayed until all the primary votes are completed.

Every polling location will have a Caucus for voters to participate in.