Teachers Bonuses...a Success?

The success of the Texas Educator Excellence Grant Program is receiving mixed results across the state.

Locally, Hereford High School received one of the largest grants in the area.

The grants were given to over a thousand schools across the state based on income level and test scores.

Last year Hereford's student reading test scores increased by ten percent. The state recently announced the high school will receive a 180,000 dollar grant for the coming school year.

A Hereford teacher says the bonuses are nice but more importantly they have teachers who love their jobs.

Diego Barela says, "It's an extra pat on the back. Most of the teachers here are doing what they enjoy doing, but having that extra incentive does make you more enthusiastic about what you're doing."

While Hereford is doing well other schools are not as fortunate.

An independent study paid for by the state found that teacher turnover and smaller than expected bonuses are leading researchers to doubt how effective the program will be in the long run.

One element of the study says 85% of teachers in the program did not change their approach to classroom work.