Cowboy Art Gallery Catches on Fire

Fire consumes a building in east Amarillo... Leaving the owner without his workshop and without his home.

Justin Wells is positive about the situation... Even though he has lost everything.

"Every time I come down manhattan to come to work I say I sure do with that thing wouldn't be on fire, I hope it's ok, and for 20 years it's been OK. But this time it wasn't."

Wells says he had no insurance on the building. He estimates he will lose around 200 thousand dollars in the fire... Since the building was full of art, supplies, and one of a kind pieces.

He now plans to move on and do something else.

"Do the same thing I am doing now, just in a different location. Maybe not having another store, but I can set up what I do on a kitchen table."

It took fire officials more than two hours to get the blaze contained.

At one point at least four hoses... Which officials tell us pump a thousand gallons of water a minute, were all trying to put out the flames.

At this time investigators are still looking into what cause the building to go up.