Mike Huckabee in Amarillo

Mike Huckabee says one of the reasons he is still in this race is the people of Amarillo, who were able to help him raise enough money this past summer to continue.

Huckabee also says he believes he can win over the voters in Texas in the primary next week because of several issues that set him apart from others in the race.

"I'm the only candidate supporting the human life amendment. I'm the only one that does not support stem cell research. I'm the only one supporting the Federal Marriage Ammendment. Those issues bring voters together like nothing else."

Also traveling with Huckabee is Walker Texas Ranger himself, Chuck Norris.

Huckabee jokingly said if elected, Norris would be both his Secretary of Homeland Security and defense, And there were plenty of confident Huckabee supporters at the rally this evening as well.

Every person we talked with was sticking to their guns with Mike Huckabee.

Even with McCain's large margins, the Huckabee supporters were not backing down from their support.

Sam Izard saw Huckabee several years ago spreading his message as a pastor, and says it was then that he began supporting Mike Huckabee's message, and there is one thing he and Huckabee can agree on, it's not over till it's over.

"I'm proud of him for saying one thing. I had a choice. I'm very proud he was willing to stay and do that. It's not over till someone has the nomination."

Taylor Carroll will turn 18 and vote for the first time in November's election.

He considers himself more into politics than most kids his age, and he is ready to make a difference.

He hopes even as an underdog, the candidate that he likes will still be around in November.

"I'm not gonna vote for somebody just because they're gonna win. I'm gonna vote for the person that I want to support, and the person that I think is right for the country."

There are still plenty of people here in Amarillo who agree with Carroll and Izard, that miracles can happen.