Scamming The Scammers

Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson

More and more money scams pop up every day, and the scamming methods are continuously becoming more sophisticated.

The Better Business Bureau constantly receives calls regarding money scams. But they say, more often than not, it is after people have already given their money and it's too late.

They say with each new government program or hot issue a new scam comes up, and that's because of the amount of money actually involved just in our area.

"Monthly, we receive so many phone calls, it affects 50-100 thousand of money from the local economy. Either people have been scammed out of that money, or we have saved them that money," said Janna Kiehl, CEO of the Panhandle BBB.

Kiehl says some hot scams you need to be aware of right now are the government stimulus rebates and any scam regarding government grants to help individuals.

One woman we spoke with today, decided she would scam the scammers.

"If they're doing it to me, there's people who aren't going to think. It's a cruel trick for them to play on people."

That's what fired up Elizabeth Thompson did to get back at scam artists, who called her roughly 20 times in 3 days.

Scammers told her she had won $500,000, but she needed to give them a $200 money order number to receive the money.

"I'm old, but I'm not nuts. And I've sure got my memory."

The plan was in place.

Ms. Thompson started leading the scammers along saying she would get them the number soon, but she never did.

The scammers became more frustrated and harsh in the messages they left on the machine.

So then she told them her son was a police officer, which he's not, and that she did contact the BBB, but they persisted even further.

Then she told them that when they arrived at her home she would give them the number.

"If they showed up on my front porch, I was gonna call the cops. I already called the cops."

But they didn't bite.

Thompson then told them the phone was tapped, and the number was being traced, and surprise they hung up and quit calling.

As one last stand, we called the number back while we were there. They picked up, and Thompson confirmed the voices, but they denied knowing about the events.