Ipods And MP3 Players Can Cause Hearing Loss In Children

Dr. Kerry Ormson
Dr. Kerry Ormson
Dr. Gregory Hyde
Dr. Gregory Hyde

Ipod's and other mp3 players are raising fears of hearing loss in young people.

News channel 10's stephanae benson joins us live in the studio to tell parents what actions they can take to prevent irreversible damage.

The first step is setting the volume on your childs listening device to no more then 80 decibles.

Because listening to ipods and mp3 players at high levels over long periods of time can cause hearing impairment.

"One thing that is known very little to people you do have the ability to go into that ipod and you can limit the amount of sound that comes out of that." said Audiologist, Dr. Kerry Ormson.

He also  says he tells parents to also use common sense.

"If someone outside is standing around someone with these ear phones on, if you can hear it that loud standing five feet away it's too loud."

Loud noises are the second cause of preventable hearing loss among children 6 to 19. And it's a trend that doctors say is a concern for mp3 manufacturers.

"I believe we are going to see the industry step in there is some liability there, I would imagine they would start to put limiters on where it will monitor how loud it is and after a period of time that would put the brakes on it." Dr. Gregory Hyde an ear, nose and throat specialist said.

Dr. Hyde also says educating your child is the most important thing a parent can do.

"Part of the problem with teenagers is that you are at the peak of your health and you feel like nothing is going to hurt me and unfortunately the end result of a lot of this is going to be a few years down the road."

A warning sign of possible ear damage is loud ringing in the ears. And if your child is experiencing this they should be tested immediately.