Teen Personality Development

Martin Sauer, MA, LPC Counselor
Martin Sauer, MA, LPC Counselor

If your teen is acting out it may be because their brain has not developed correctly. Experts say "false interaction" like watching TV, playing video games, or not being social could be leading to late brain development.

These parents have very different approaches, but both believe they their kids are getting the development they need. "He is pretty much limited to just the weekends and depending on how his school work was that week is how many hours on that weekend he gets to play. I think that if you don't restrict them and if you don't keep them in check they naturally will gravitate to what comes easy. Video games come easy, now going out and interacting with other people socially sometimes kind of hard," says Randy Ray.

While Ray closely monitors ...Tim Cato says his son stops playing on his own and goes outside to get active. "We buy the games so we know what he's playing, we know what he is playing at home. As far as his time we don't have to tell him to get off, says Cato.

Experts say it's important for parents to evaluate their child's social skills.

"Mutual interaction between the child and the parent. It is in that relationship that we begin to learn impulse control, satisfaction delay, and problem solving, and emotional management and so on, says Martin Sauer, MA, LPC Counselor.

It's also important for parents to realize that children and teens today are not at the development level of years past. In fact, new research suggest our brains do not make all their neurological connections till around 25.

"The brain has matured, it's the size it is suppose to be and all of the neurons are there but the neurons are still hooking up," said Sauer.

Sauer says if your child throws fits, or feels entitled to things they have not earned, those are signs they are not getting enough human interaction.