Teenagers Apparently Do Not Know History

Teenagers across the nation are failing in their knowledge of history. In fact, according to a study released today, many do not even know basic facts like when the Civil War began.

Only 43% of teens interviewed knew the Civil War took place between 1850 and 1900.

Other questions they were asked had to do with when Columbus discovered America, what famous document Abraham Lincoln wrote, and who the author of Leaves of Grass is.

The authors of the study say the reason these kids do not know enough history is the nation's focus on improving math and science skills.

But one administrator says students in our area have a firm grasp on history. Kim Beth Buchanan of Canyon ISD says "one of the underlying things in the school system is promoting good citizenship, what happened back then and how we were established as citizens."

Buchanan says good citizenship comes through knowing our country's history well.