School Employees Assaulted By Student

AMARILLO - A Palo Duro High School student allegedly assaulted two school employees sending one to a local hospital. 
A school administrator was wheeled away on a stretcher after attempting to break-up a student fight.  Another teacher was also attacked when he jumped in to help his fellow employee, but suffered no major injuries. The Administrator was not so lucky, he was taken to the hospital and was later released after being treated for minor injuries. 

"We have two employees that were injured one of which was transported to a local hospital. It's going to be non-life threatening injuries but obviously was assaulted enough trying to break up the fight." said Corporal Jerry Neufeld of the Amarillo Police Department.

School officials say employees are trained in crisis prevention intervention to get the situation under control.

"Based on the number of adults available and the situation whether or not they can de-escalate the student verbally or whether they need to physically intervene and restrain, there are different protocols involved depending on the situation." said Palo Duro Cluster Executive Director, Janie Cooper.

Cooper also says the number one concern is to stop the situation immediately and keep students safe. "Unfortunately sometimes that involves our school staff people getting in situations where they could be injured and that's an unfortunate thing."

All students involved in the alleged fight were arrested. The one who reportedly assaulted school employees faces two counts of assault against a public servant which is a third degree felony. The other student is being charged with disorderly conduct by fighting. And one student bystander was arrested for disrupting class.