St. Mary's Fire Anniversary

Monsignor Harold Waldow
Monsignor Harold Waldow

Parishioners gathered for a special church service at St. Mary's on the anniversary of the fire that destroyed their sanctuary.

It was one year ago today, that the sanctuary was burned to the ground in an accidental fire that started after a lamp tipped over onto a sofa sparking the blaze.

"Things have come together well and will continue to go well. It's much stronger than it was before. The church sanctuary was a big hit, but the fire department saved this building and the school, so we didn't lose everything," said Monsignor Harold Waldow.

The new church is expected to hold around 1,000 people, and Msgr. Waldow expects construction to begin within the next three months.

Newly appointed Bishop Patrick Zurek is expected to review the plans on Wednesday.