Real ID's Coming

State Senator Kel Seliger
State Senator Kel Seliger

Your current ID will soon be changing... Because of the federal "Real ID Act".

Nearly 250 million Americans have a drivers license or state ID card... But by 2013 they will have to have a Real ID.

The Real ID will be required if you want to board a plane, or get into a government building.

While the feds say it's not a national ID.... Some local lawmakers say that's not true.

State Senator Kel Seliger says, "Saying that it is not a national id card because the states are issuing it is false. Because that is exactly what it is. The question then is is the security benefit of it to get onto an airline or things like that is that worth while."

Some Amarillo residents say the hassle of switching over is worth it.

Martin Sonnicksen says, "I think it is for the betterment of all americans that everybody has a new drivers license in order to more stabilize the efficiency for all american's everywhere."

Seliger says there is still a lot up in the air before the new ID's can go into effect.

For example the process to switch to the new cards will be expensive plus some of the requirements for the id violate current texas privacy acts.

Senator Seliger says, "There is still an awful lot of questions to be answered about real id before it can be implemented. You know they can ask your mothers maiden name and your shoe size and your dog's name but what relation does that have to national security. Just because we can put a lot of information in a small programmable space, that doesn't mean it is useful information that lends itself to homeland security."

The Real ID's stem from the fact that investigators found out that the 9-11 hijackers had more than 30 false licenses that passed for real.

The goal of a Real ID is to make it harder to duplicate or falsify... Since today's licenses are so easily copied.