National Vehicle Repossession on the Rise

In addition to home foreclosures and credit card debt vehicle repossession is steadily rising.

And used car lots are filling across the nation. Local professionals tell us Amarillo is not typical of the national trend and people in debt are continuing to buy.

Local Repossession Adjuster Ashlea Draehn says, "We see people who have like brand new cars and I guess they get into something people they think it's gonna be cheaper overall with gas and they really can't afford the payment."

Draehn says she deals with people in debt everyday and she can't understand why banks continue to provide loans.

"It's surprising how many times you have the same people in there, it's like really a different car a different bank..really?"

A local lender John McElyea tells us those with jobs are usually approved for a loan because they are likely to be able to pay it off. He says when loan payments extend for eight or nine years it raises a red flag.

"So you figure if someone has to finance a vehicle that long to get a payment where they want it, if they go to trade the vehicle in after a couple a of years they're still way upside down."

A repossessed vehicle is also very damaging to your credit report and takes seven years to be cleared.