Huckabee seeks to set up McCain roadblock in Texas

AUSTIN (AP)  Social conservatives could be the key to a good showing in Texas for Mike Huckabee.

The former Arkansas governor who wants the March 4th primary in Texas to broadcast that not all Republicans are ready to back frontrunner John McCain. The Associated Press reports the Texas Republican Party is controlled by social and religious conservatives who usually drive
primary voting.

The race between Huckabee and McCain could be closer than in other big states. Polls have shown McCain ahead in Texas, but not always by large margins. AP reports the GOP bloc also has been at odds with Republican Governor Rick Perry, who backed Rudy Giuliani, then McCain, and has deviated from the group on state policy issues.

McCain's campaign contends it isn't worried about Texas and notes that he won in South Carolina -- another state with a social conservative base. Republican Texas Congressman Ron Paul will try to make a stand in his home state. Paul supporters in Austin have been organizing
rallies and posting signs. Early voting in Texas runs through Friday.