Amarilloans Refused Service

Janet Ham, Amarillo Resident
Janet Ham, Amarillo Resident

A local woman wanted to rent a hotel room for her son but was told she couldn't because she is from Amarillo.

Newschannel 10 called several local hotels and found out Amarillo residents are often unable to rent rooms but the companies say its for their best interest.

Resident Janet Ham says she was told that on-going problems with drugs and prostitution led to the policy by a local Best Western not to rent to Amarilloans like her.

We found out that as an independently owned and operated company they reserved the right to do so.

But Ham says she feels discriminated against.

"I don't like to be discriminated against, I'm as good as anybody else, I'm not better than anybody else, but I don't like to be discriminated against. "

The Amarillo Police Department says law enforcement can not prevent an independently operated business from making these kind of policies. In cases of crime such as theft, drugs, and prostitution they say it is common to advise establishments to regulate their renters.

Newschannel 10 called the Best Western that refused Ham service but they had no comment.