Drivers in the Way Put Rescuers in Danger

Jim Bain, Amarillo Firefighter
Jim Bain, Amarillo Firefighter

Getting to an emergency when drivers won't get out of the way is more than frustrating for local firefighters.

It often puts rescuers' lives in danger while they're trying to save someone else's life. Even if it's just a few cars that don't clear the way for a fire truck, it still happens on virtually every call.   That's what one Amarillo fire truck driver tells us. Jim Bain says drivers who don't know what to do when they hear sirens can waste precious time for rescuers.

A medical emergency, seconds can make the difference in life and death on whether they have a heart attack or something like that, just a few seconds can save a life, said Bain. Wasted time and close calls also put extra stress on fire crews. Bain emphasizes whenever you hear or see an emergency vehicle coming toward you, don't just stop. Pull over to your right and stop.

Bain says he tries to picture his route before heading to a destination so he can anticipate what kind of traffic jams he might encounter.