Stroke Survivor Talks About Life Changing Event

Younger women are suffering more strokes, Bonnie Wismatt is one of them. She was only 49 years old when she had a stroke.

"I have no use of my left arm no matter how many times I've gone to rehab it won't work. They've tried everything."

A  local neurologist says Bonnie is one of many women experiencing the debilitating effects of a stroke.

"The therapy can often help people get back to as good as they can be, but there are limitations to that depending on how severe the stroke is." said Dr. Douglas Lewis.

Bonnie is confned to a wheel chair and she tries to cup her hand to get some use, but most of the time her efforts are not successful, and she has not been able to return to work.

"It frustrates me so bad. I got fired from an insurance company, I got terminated that's what the letter said because they knew I couldn't work.

A new study says the risk of stroke to women between 35 and 54 has tripled. Blaming obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

"Patients may have slurring of speech, wrong words coming out. Numbness and tingling on one side of the body and of course is a frequent symptom and of course weakness." Dr. Saulog a local Nuerologist said.

She says women experiencing these symptoms should call 911 or go the emergency room immediately. Bonnie agrees...

"Don't ignore a super bad headache see the doctor."

If treated within three hours of a stroke, the  damage can be greatly diminished or even reversed.