Tobacco Made to Look Like Candy

Melynn Huntley, Impact Futures Director
Melynn Huntley, Impact Futures Director

Tobacco products made to look like candy are being targeted to your kids according to a new report by several health associations.

Newschannel 10 went to a local high school to find out what teenagers think of the newest marketing trends.

They're brightly packaged and geared at starting another generation of smokers. The question is does the marketing work? These Bushland seniors say enough is enough.

Todd Phillips says,"Of course I'd be interested, I'd ask questions about it then of course I would ask why, why would you do that?"

Senior Sydney Kleinschmidt says, "Honestly, it's pretty outrageous why tobacco companies would go and slap a pretty label or a shiny color on something and so it tastes or it looks good, so it's ok to do."

Melynn Huntley, the Director of a non-smoking program, says studies show the decline in young smokers and says the tobacco industry is desperate to attract a new following.

"That's the scary thing about this. Four hundred, almost half a million people die every year from smoking. Well, in order to keep their market up, they have to go and get other people started."

Huntley reminds parents to be aware of the risks and to check with your children.