Area Judge Trades Job for End to Legal Trouble

Bill Kelly, McCoy's Attorney
Bill Kelly, McCoy's Attorney

His courthouse days are over and so are the cases against him. Indicted Childress judge David McCoy has now reached an agreement with state prosecutors.

He's trading his resignation for an end to his legal troubles. State prosecutors are dropping charges of office crimes in exchange for several more things from McCoy. He must forfeit his law license, never again seek any public office, and pay 20,000 dollars in restitution. The 100th district grand jury indicted him for theft by a public servant and abuse of official capacity last November.

McCoy's attorney Bill Kelly says the deal is the best outcome possible. The cases are dismissed, there is no plea entered period, the presumption of innocence... prevails, said Kelly. State prosecutors at the courthouse declined to comment on the agreement. They can no longer prosecute McCoy for anything currently under investigation. Despite his suspension since the indictment, McCoy had been running for re-election.

His name is still on the primary ballot for March fourth, however that will no longer count. McCoy will get to keep his full retirement benefits after serving nearly fifteen years as district judge.