Install Your Child Safety Seat Properly

Tracey Tillman, TxDOT Traffic Safety Specialist
Tracey Tillman, TxDOT Traffic Safety Specialist

To keep your child safe while riding in a car seat, there is a safe way to install it in your car.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hundreds of infants and children have been killed in accidents in 2008 from not wearing their seat belt properly.

That's what parents were learning at Plains Chevrolet and Potter-Randall County Safe Kids child car-seat safety clinic today. TxDOT Traffic Safety Specialist, Tracey Tillman says many parents were surprised to find they weren't doing it properly.

"They're usually really surprised at how tight the harness needs to be and how tight the seat belt needs to be. Another thing parents don't realize is that car seats expire and they need to be replaced after five years."

Parents were also told to use the middle of the back row of their car if they can. Not to put children in the front seat until they are at least 13 years old and make sure seat belts and harnesses are strapped tight.

"one thing we recommend they do is get the car seat checked before the child arrives. It's one thing they can do and it's done and then they don't have to worry about that and they know it's installed properly and we're able to tell them some things before the chaos of parenthood starts." Tillman continues.

She also says another important point to remember is, do not remove your child from the car seat until they are about 4'9" amd 80 pounds.