Hot Checks Pose Growing Threat to Area Town

Some area businesses are falling prey to hot check writers who virtually can't get caught. A legal loophole is keeping some criminals out of jail. Hot checks are a growing threat to businesses in Guymon.

District attorney Mike Boring aims to collect around 200,000 dollars worth of bad checks this year, and that's not counting all the fees. But when someone skips town after writing a bad check for less than five hundred dollars, Boring can only issue a misdemeanor warrant. Then there's no guarantee business owners will get their money back.

The out of state law enforcement agencies simply will not arrest on an out-of-state misdemeanor warrant because we cannot extradite them back here from Texas or Kansas or any other state on a misdemeanor warrant, said Boring. He notes when that's the case, bad check writers only get caught if they end up back in Oklahoma.

Even if it takes years, though, the warrant remains outstanding and the writer could end up in jail after something like a traffic stop.