Research Debunks Online Predator Stereotype

Your child may not be as innocent online as he or she is letting on. In fact, the online predator stereotype is being challenged. That, according to new research by the Crimes Against Children Research Center.

We hear all the time offenders are going after innocent children who don't know any better.  But we are now learning most offenders approach kids who are willing to talk about inappropriate subjects like sex.

The research center says online predators are often open about their intentions to the young teenagers on the other end of the computer. But those teens often have strong feelings for the predator.

The report found only five percent of offenders in the crimes studied pretended to be teenagers. And it says almost 75 percent of victims who met their offenders had met them several times before.

It also says kids involved with these predators believe they are in a relationship so they do not see the crime that is unfolding.