Red Light Camera Concerns

Red light cameras are going up at five Amarillo intersections despite a neighboring city's decision to take them down because of public safety concerns.
Newschannel 10's Stephanae Benson went to City Hall and spoke with commissioners and they says they expect success by implementing a massive public awareness campaign. 

The city of Lubbuck is taking their red light cameras down after installing them six months ago because of increased accidents. But Amarillo commissioners say they are moving forward because a massive public awareness campaign about the cameras will help make the city safer. 

If we get out and we educate folks about the 3 second rule for trailing people, for understanding that the intersection is coming up for understanding that if the light turns red while the light turns red that's not a violation." Commissioner Brian Eades said.

The city will roll out their campaign in three steps. First notifying residents where the cameras are located. Then giving a 30 day warning before the cameras go up. Once the cameras go up placing signs at the intersections. Community Relations Coordinator, Donna Makkhavane says the city will also double check to make sure tickets are valid.

"An Amarillo police officer will be analyzing and evaluating the violation caught on camera and that will determine if it's a true violation." 
Some residents say they are scared about how safe the cameras are. 

"Being a sister of a police officer in Lubbock I don't feel it's a good idea because she's told me there's been a lot of wrecks because of it and she says it does a lot more harm than it does good." said Catherine Taveau.

The city says they expect some increase in minor fender bender from people slamming on their brakes to avoid running the light.  But through the traffic safety awareness program they will tell people to slow down and stop tailgating.