Kids Victims Online? Here Are The Signs

Glenda Utsey, Amarillo Police Department
Glenda Utsey, Amarillo Police Department

Spending more time online than usual. Receiving phone calls from strangers at all hours of the night. Those and others are signs your child may be at risk to online predators.

Some online predators even go so far as getting toll-free 1-800 numbers so their victims can call without parents finding out. That is why parents need to be aware of the warning signs before it gets to that point.

The FBI says if you find pornography on your child's computer, if they receive phone calls, long distance especially, from people you don't know, or they receive gifts in the mail, they could be falling prey to a predator.

Know what is going on online. Glenda Utsey from APD says "know passwords and codes, they have their own alphabet. Know what they mean."

There are also programs that can be installed in your computer to show you exactly what your child has been looking at. Other signs listed by the fbi are your child becoming withdrawn from the rest of the family or is using an online account that belongs to someone else.