Mystery Monday - Gustavo Ferrusquilla

He is beaten to death in front of his family and dozens of witnesses... But supposedly no one knows who killed him.

That's because they aren't talking, something police hope will change tonight.

They were there to enjoy a night on the town and ended up in a nightmare. His own family watched as he was kicked multiple times in the head and body... Until his body went limp.

The murder of Gustavo Ferrusquilla outside of Club Baloo in Amarillo is tonights Mystery Monday the Last Five Years.

We're told there was a large a crowd in the bar that night and several were still lingering in the parking lot when the fight broke out.

Lt. Gary Trupe with Special Crimes says, "This was a pretty extensive beating, I bet someone saw."

September 2006, Gustavo Ferrusquilla is beaten to death.

"Gustavo was over there with his wife and some other family members, there was some kind of altercation that occurred near Gustavo's table and may have spilled over on to the table. Words were exchanged, maybe even some blows, but not with Gustavo, from what we were told. They go to closing time they are all out in the parking lot they were according to witnesses attacked by anywhere from 3 to 7 black males a large fight sued, it was reported that Ggustavo was knocked to the ground and somebody began to kick him in the head and in the body. Gustavo receives soem blunt force injuries to the head and never regained conscienceness." Trupe says.

The first fight was caught was caught on survallence footage while the second was just missed by the camera view.

"We've got a few names but we can't confirmif they did anything or if they didn't do anything." Trupe says.

Police now hope those who did see the fight will come forward.

"They don't have to tell me their names just tell me who was involved or who the main players were, thats all I need to know." Trupe says.

If you have any information on the murder of Gustavo Ferrusquilla you are asked to call the Potter-Randall Special Crimes unit at 378-9468.

Police do want you to know that you can stay anonymous.