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Local Kosovo Family Cheers Independence Declaration

Ajtene Afizi Ajtene Afizi

A local Kosovo family is cheering the newly declared independence of their home country.  Leaders in the Balkan nation defied Serbia in proclaiming themselves a separate country Sunday.

The Afizi family came to Amarillo as refugees in 2001. Relatives tell us they will forever be grateful to the U.S. for allowing them to escape war-torn Kosovo. It was terrible, it's just a war you know. You see army, guns fighting killing, cutting peoples, bombing everywhere,.. a lot of bad things happened in the war, said Ajtene Afizi.

Afizi was a teenager during Kosovo's bloody conflict with Serbia in the late nineties. She's now a U.S. citizen and sees independence in her native land as Kosovo's birthday. Her family is hopeful leaders there will help the country make economic advances as a sovereign nation.

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