Local Boy Recounts Recall Experience

Some local parents are not the only ones relieved to hear toymakers aim to work harder at preventing recalls. It wasn't easy for four-year-old Peyton Hudgins to part with a Diego backpack.

His mom says it was one of his favorite toys. Peyton tells us he's glad toymakers are trying to make things safer for him. So is his mom, that way it won't happen again.  Abby Hudgins is choosier shopping for toys now after so many recalls in 2007. It had me looking alot, paying attention to make sure that we didn't have any more and goin' through their toys, Hudgins said. Peyton remembers having to give up the backpack he used to play with.

When we decided that we were gonna take it back, that made me sad, he said.  His mom now steers clear of that brand of toys... Nick Junior. But toymakers are hoping to win back her confidence and that of other parents, with new toy testing and safety controls industry-wide. They need to make sure that the toys are safe for kids because a lot of kids put toys in their mouth, says one Amarillo dad.

Peyton says he understands safety is important and that's why he had to give up the backpack. It was really dangerous and it had dangerous paint, said Peyton. His mom is hopeful the new industry move means she won't have to return any more toys.

The Toy Industry Association setting these new standards aims to release full details February 22nd.