Recalled Beef Pulled From Canyon Schools

Laurie Cizon, CISD Communications Coordinator
Laurie Cizon, CISD Communications Coordinator

The largest beef recall in U.S. history has hit schools here in the Panhandle.

One hundred and forty three million pounds of frozen beef has been recalled.

Most of the meat was sold to the nations schools. The Amarillo Independent School District confirmed they never carried the beef, but the Canyon Independent School District says it was one of their most popular products.

As of February 1st Canyon removed the recalled meat from school menus. With the possibility his child may have eaten the recalled meat one parent says he's not worried.

"I feel safe with our kids," says Danny Butcher, "the school districts here do a really good job for the kids, feeding the kids. They take every precaution they can to make sure the kids have a good balanced meal everyday."

Another parent says she packs her son's lunch but is still worried.

"It's a concern to have something like that happen," says Lisa Price, "I've heard about the recall . I think it's a common concern for all the children but i think the school is doing what they can do."

The district says they are doing all they can.

The CISD Communications Coordinator Laurie Cizon says, "We're just not going to serve beef for awhile. We're going to serve substitute proteins. We hope it won't be very long because it's very popular with our kids and of course in this area.

Officials say the beef from cows produced by the Westland/ Hallmark meat company is believed to be at a higher risk for E.Coli, Salmonella, and Mad Cow disease because they were forcing cows to stand that were too sick to stand on their own.

There have been no illnesses reported.