COPY-Police Identify Northern Illinois University Gunman

by Jay Gray

NBC News

DEKALB, ILLINOIS - Investigators are back at the University of Northern Illinois campus where a gunman opened fire Thursday afternoon, leaving 7 people dead including himself.

One day later, there's an uneasy silence on the campus as everyone including police ask why.
The former standout graduate student at the school was armed with 2 handguns and a shotgun.

The door just knocked open like a movie, and boom, a shotgun blast!!!!!! Said eyewitness John Giovanni.

Northern Illinois University Police Chief Donald Grady said investigators found 48 casings and 6 shotgun shells

Video from a student's cell phone provides a glimpse of emergency teams fighting to save lives just minutes after the attack.

In the video you see two first responders running away from the building pushing a person on a gurney.

But now a day later there are no sounds of screams or sirens just silence.

During a news conference Friday afternoon Northern Illinois University President John Peters said, "We will get through this together."  "We are already thinking of ways to memorialize the students that we lost."

The question now is what motivated a former student to go on such a deadly rampage.