Flu Vaccine Not Effective

The current flu vaccine is only 40% effective according to medical professionals.

We with an area nurse practitioner who told us how to prepare ourselves for the other 60 percent.

Fever, body aches, coughs, and nausea are some of the symptoms you should be looking for.

A recent outbreak of flu virus mutations is making the flu vaccine less effective.

An area nurse practitioner says getting the flu shot isn't a waste of time if you get it at least two weeks before you come in contact with the virus.

Pat Allen says, "I did get the flu shot and I haven't gotten the flu and I've been seeing a lot of people with the flu.

We talked to one man who received the flu vaccination.

Carlos Renden says, "I'm happy I got the shot. It's disturbing it's only 40% covered but I'll take that 40% and hopefully it'll get me through and I won't get sick."

If you do have the flu Allen says there is a medication that can relieve some of your suffering.

"I'd invite anybody with the flu to come in and get the prescription for Tamaflu because it will shorten the duration of the flu."

Allen says she even prescribes the medication to family members as a precaution. But the medication must be taken within 24 hours of catching the virus.