President Clinton Campaigns in Amarillo

A figure from our past hopes to change our country's future, and hopes the people of the Panhandle can help make that happen. Newschannel10's Tina Berasley was among the thousands of people who turned out to hear President Bill Clinton campaign for his wife Hillary Clinton in Amarillo.

The crowd was made up of supporters, both Democrat and Republican...and others who just wanted to hear what president bill clinton had to say about his wife...and her bid for the white house. They started lining up at 10 AM, and the lines snaked around the Amarillo Civic Center. 
Close to three thousand people from towns across the Panhandle waited to see what the former President had to say about Campaign 2008.

He addressed hot issues like tax cuts, our education system and asked the audience to demonstrate the need for universal health care. "Raise your hand if you know somebody without health insurance. You could not get this answer in any other country on earth...And yet while you saw this you said you think it would make healthcare cheaper but it actually makes it more expensive. We have seen health care costs double."

President Clinton also brought up the importance of environmental "green collar jobs" and biodiesel plants, which he says would bring money to parts of our area. He added, "The great thing about it for rural areas like rural Texas is that you can't put any of this stuff in a pipeline, which means you have to have a new facility every 100 to 150 miles or so. Think about what that would mean for rural Texas. Places that haven't had a new investment in 30 or 40 years could have their own biofuel production facilities".

Amarillo voters from both sides of the aisle say they are considering Hillary Clinton's message. 
Joe Whiteside is a registered Republican. He said "I think at this particular time we kind of need a swing in things and maybe a change. I don't know if we need as drastic a change as what I see on the sign behind me but I think we do ned a change, and I'm willing to keep an open mind about things".

Clinton supporter Kerry Knorpp added "He was the best President our generation has ever had and we want a return to that sort of leadership and we feel like we could have it with Hillary. President Clinton continued his campaign tonight in Lubbock and in Austin, all ahead of the Texas primaries on March 4th.