Homicides Up 280% - Not So Fast says Special Crimes

Lt. Gary Trupe, APD Special Crimes
Lt. Gary Trupe, APD Special Crimes

280 percent... That is the increase being reported in the number of homicides between 2006 and 2007.

The numbers don't match. That's according to Special Crimes. A report released today shows Special Crimes worked five homicides in 2006, and 19 in 2007, but the division says they worked more.

According to Lt. Gary Trupe... The division worked 11 homicides in 2006 and 20 in 2007. He says the numbers don't match up because some studies don't count certain ones.

"When you take in those who have been injury to a child, or to an elderly, or other charges, manslaughter, and they are included with all these things and actually you work as a murder." Trupe says.

Lt. Trupe says 2007 was on track... But several murders near the end of the year caused the homicide total to rack up.

"Until we got till november of this year, or last year, the numbers where in the teens. Then all of the sudden from through december and the end of november there was that one, seemed like one right after another. Coming into the first of the year."

Trupe says there is no predicting homicides... But he hopes this year more people will walk away.

"You kinda wish that they would just step back and think because you can't bring that person back, its a cliche', but you cannot bring back when they are dead. You can be sorry all day long that that happened, but if you are responsible for it, you are responsible."

There are zero unsolved cases from 2007, and that's with a staff missing one CSI and one investigator from the division.