New WT Campus Would Cut Commutes

West Texas A & M aims to open doors in downtown Amarillo this fall. We're told the majority of WT students commute from places like Amarillo and around the panhandle.

One local mom says building a campus in her backyard would make a big difference. For Amanda Moreno, an Amarillo campus would make her morning routine with her son run much smoother. It would save on gas and time, she says.  I have to wake up really early to drop him off at a babysitter and then still get to Canyon at 8:30, so it'd be really good for me, says Moreno.

A downtown Amarillo center aims to reach out to more than just people around town.  You will see not only individuals in Amarillo take classes here, but you will see individuals in Pampa, in Dumas, Dalhart, so forth who want to pursue the completion of a baccaleaureate degree or a graduate education, says university president Pat O'Brien.

Moreno thinks it will open up opportunities for more moms like her. It'd be alot easier for parents who live here and go to school, she says. That way they feel closer to their child and if they're needed, they can get there faster, says Moreno. The new campus is also expected to attract more businesses to Amarillo's downtown.

The university president tells me he's not sure where that new campus will be located. He's now accepting proposals for possible sites.