Recall RoundUp, February 15th

In this weeks Recall RoundUp: A Clothes Dryer, a Remote Control Helicopter, an ATV, and a child's bracelet.

General Electric recalled gas dryers.  The white, 42 inch tall, 27 inch wide dryers have a short circuit in the wiring.  That could cause you to receive a shock.  They sold from September 2006 through last October.

Soft Air USA out of Grapevine recalled remote controlled helicopters.  The rechargeable battery inside the helicopter can catch fire.  They sold from May through December.

Polaris expanded their ATV recall.  The ATV's electronic control modules can overheat, and catch on fire.  They sold from July 2004 through January.

Mission City Press recalled their Life of Faith Charm Bracelet Sets.  They have too much lead.  The set includes a bracelet for the girl, and a smaller matching bracelet for a doll.  They sold from October 2006 through last November.

The Bracelets and the Helicopters were made in CHina.  The dryers were made in Canada.  The ATVs were made in the United States.

Head over to for all the product specifics, and the refund or recall information.