Victim Has Words For Arsonist

A victim who lost his home in one of yesterday's  fire speaks out. 
"Whoever did  this, I hope you can see behind me what you did and if you're laughing about it you've got some serious issues and I hope you pay for it." said Carl Perkins an Amarillo man who lost his home in one of the fires set by a serial arsonist.

The Perkins family searches through rubble looking for anything to salvage. 

"Right now I'm just glad I found some pictures of my kids so I got something out of it and I lost everything else."
Carl also says while he is glad no one was hurt, he doesn't have insurance for his home and now has to depend on the good people of the Panhandle American Red Cross to get back on track. 

"They helped me out, put me in a place and gave me money for food and clothes and got me started for a few days."

Carl hopes authorities catch whoever is responsible for his loss, buut for now, he says he has no choice but to move forward.