City Appeals To Residents For Help

Threatening your life and your property. Those are the words of Amarillo Mayor Debra McCartt and she's asking for your help.
The mayor held a news conference today to ask residents to help bring Amarillo's arsonist to justice. 
"It is sad to report that there is someone who is demonstrating no regard for life or property and is purposely endangering all of us."
The City's Emergency Response Director, Kevin Starbuck says he wants to assure residents that the city, law enforcement agencies and fire departments are all working together to be ready for any threat to the community. 

"When we run into situations where we have an arsonist who is intentionally starting fires and creating additional threats and hazards we have to take actions to increase our readiness to respond to threats and we have taken actions so we're prepared to respond to any incident in our community."

The mayor wants resident and visitor participation in to help put an end to this arsons reign. 

"I am asking the people of amarillo to be cognoscente of someone acting suspiciously or being in areas where wild fires could easily be started. A tip or other assistance to help us find a person responsible for the recent fires could come from anyone being alert and attentive to their surroundings." 

If you have any information about this crime call crime stoppers at 374-4400.