Hundreds of Homes In Violation...Clean-up Or Else

As of today, 296 property owners are receiving warnings from the City of Amarillo...clean-up your property or we'll do it for you...and send you the bill. Operation: Clean Sweep is making it's way into your neighborhood. 

Building safety inspectors are sweeping every inch of Amarillo and have increased their manpower to do so. The operation went into full effect on Monday and inspectors say they're seeing a lot of junk and debris in neighborhoods where it has become a safety and health hazard for city residents.

"We know when there are tall weeds that's becomes a fire safety hazard. Also bugs tend to infest in areas where they can go in where there's lots of vegetation and that causes mosquitos with the hanta virus. It also creates an environment for rodents which carries disease." said Building Safety Manager Gwen Gonzalez.

All violators are given 13 days to clean up it up on their own, otherwise you face city fines and administrative fees.  You could also receive a lien against your property if you don't pay within 30 days. A sure way to get yourself a ticket is by having indoor items outdoors. 

"We're looking for an accumulation of a lot of junk type items, junk cars." said Inspector J.R. Romero.

And building safety inspectors are out in full force sweeping Amarillo streets looking for junk and debris.  Romero says he's seeing a lot of it.

"The main violation is an accumulation of what we would call junk  which could be indoor furniture, old rotted wood, fence panels, tires stuff like that." 

Inspectors are also seeing a lot of debris left behind from builders. 

"We went down to that lot and you can see the start of it  is this fresh piles.  When it's not taken care of, you start getting weeds and other trash coming in mixing in with it and nobody taking care of this and now you've got real problems spilling out into the  alley going up against the house." said Inspector Kevin Robinson.

The city has increased the usual number of inspectors from 5 to 12 all making sure every inch of Amarillo is covered.

"Me personally in the last 2 days i hit monday and tuesday i would have to say they are sixty violations." Robinson continues.

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