Amarillo Restaurant Employee Info Turns Up in Dump

Some local people are shocked to learn personal information they trusted an employer to keep private, has now become public.

Here's how we found out about this confidentiality breach. Someone recently turned in boxes of personal files to our CBS affiliate in Albuquerque. We're told the person found those boxes in a dump north of the city. That affiliate, KRQE-TV, turned over personal files they received of three people who used to work at Johnny Carino's restaurant in Amarillo.

The files date back to 2002 and include social security numbers, home addresses and other personal details of former employees of the Albuquerque based company. The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission says that's not supposed to happen. You cannot just throw them out in a regular trash... it's just illegal, says spokesman Paul Carbajal.

We were unable to make contact with the Sandia Food Group that used to own Johnny Carino's until 2004. The Public Regulation Commission is not even sure if that company still exists. The new Johnny Carino's owner says Sandia filed for bankruptcy after selling the Amarillo restaurant.