Historical Train Moves Across Town

A passenger train car built in the 1800's, will now be the new home of a historical museum and park in Amarillo.

Earlier today, movers loaded up a Classic Pullman Passenger Club Car from a local business owner, to move it across town for a new Amarillo attraction.

ACT&N Railroads plans to restore the car to its original glory and have it available for the general public.

"I'd been noticing the train and talked to the owner, and he agreed to sell it. We just wanted to restore it so people can go through it," said Tom Norman, spokesman for the railroad.

The new location for the Amarillo Pullman Railroad Museum will be at the South Georgia Shopping Center at 4515 S. Georgia.

The Museum will feature the club car, a caboose, a park, and a depot. It will house numerous railroad artifacts from the area.