Glass Coming up in Local Park

Larry Offerdahl, Director of Parks and Recreation
Larry Offerdahl, Director of Parks and Recreation

Glass and debris is seeping out of the ground at a local park. That's because we are learning it is partially built on a landfill.

We received a tip that glass was littering the ground at Thompson Park. After doing some digging.. We found out that part of the park, including the zoo and parts of the disc golf course are on top of an old landfill.

The city tells us they have had some things like glass and debris surface in those spots.. But they are taking every precaution to protect the public.

Director of Parks and Recreation, Larry Offerdahl says, "Our park crews inspect the park on a daily basis to ensure the grounds are as safe as possible, but some times pieces of the glass can come up."

While the city is doing its part... There are things you can do to protect yourself and your family.

Offerdahl says it is important to keep your shoes on, don't let your kids dig in the dirt, and monitor what's around you on the ground.

Glass bottles are prohibited in all city parks. Something Offerdahl says will eventually cut down on the broken glass problems.