Mystery Monday - Kenneth Cottrell

He is found still in his pajama's... Nothing is out of place in his home. There is just one problem.. He's dead...

...shot multiple times in his upper body.. But by whom?

Did someone sneak past him? Did they pick the lock? Or even scarier... Did they stay in his home all night and wait for the right moment to kill him.

It is all questions investigators still ask in this murder.

Who shot Kenneth Cottrell, how did they do it with out him flinching, and why?

The July 2004 murder of Kenneth Cottrell is tonights Mystery Monday - The Last Five Years.

Lt. Gary Trupe with Potter-Randall Special Crimes says, "The TV was on, he had his cup of coffee there and you could tell that it was about half waydrunk. And he is shot several times in his upper body.

Mr. Cottrell had no idea what was going to happen and just bang.

Someone who did this was able to walk in the house and if mr. Cottrell knew him he was comfortable with him and wasn't afraid of him, or the person was able to gain entry into the house and mr. Cottrell didn't know they were there, the person walked up behind him and shot him and then left.

There were items that could have been stolen that were near there, money, cash, credit cards that were left.

An expensive car in the garage that wasn't touched. Kinda makes you think that somebody that was obviously targeted came there with a plan to shoot Mr. Cottrell and leave.

We don't know who did this.

A little bit of evidence, a little bit of clues.

The detectives assigned to it has been able to get a lot of information but we are missing one important piece."

Trupe tells me they are unsure if the murder was a business deal gone bad or just a random killing.. But they are hoping that you might know the answer.

If you have any information on this crime you are asked to call the Potter - Randall Special Crimes unit at 378-9468.

Next week on Mystery Monday - The Last Five Years... He is beaten to death outside a popular night club.. And it is just out of range of surveillance camera's... Police are hoping your eyes saw it and know who did it.