New Home Security Technology

Dale Elliott , President , Allstate Security
Dale Elliott , President , Allstate Security

Cellular based home security systems are going wireless to make them harder to tamper with.

In the past, you needed an analog line to have a security system... but for some providers all information is traveling digitally.

Starting February 18th cellular based analog security systems will be discontinued. But, if you are a home security subscriber chances are you already have a digital system.

For the past two and a half years home security providers have gradually suggested making the change from analog to digital service.

The new digital security system is designed to prevent thieves from being able to sever security lines by hand.

Allstate Security President Dale Elliott says, "In the past you had a cellphone or you had a direct line, you know your regular phone line, you just pick up and talk, you're talking on a wire, well if the burglar cut that wire, then the system couldn't send us a signal.

Elliott says the digital systems are more than five times quicker than the land line based systems and the cost is realitively the same.