YMCA Youth & Government Students Return Home

A group of kids from Palo Duro High School had the opportunity to learn about the Texas state government first hand.

The Amarillo family YMCA Youth in Government program, provided an opportunity to go to Austin to learn about how our state government operates.

900 delegates competed from all across the state showed up to compete.

The students presented proposals and experienced trials much like the state government does on an everyday basis.

"It was pretty cool to be in the courtroom of the state capital and use the same procedure the attorney's do," said Patty Guzman.

This was the first year for Amarillo to compete in the program, and all things considered the students were happy with the results.

"I think we did great being the first Amarillo team to go. Having no experience, I think we represented well," added Brian Hairston.

The students made it through several rounds of competition, garnering several honors.

Besides the government side, some of the students got a taste of our lifestyle taking classes for broadcast media.

Amarillo hopes to go back next year, if you are interested in getting involved, contact our local YMCA offices.