Some Area Police Forces Scrambling for Recruits

Justin Farmer
Justin Farmer

Some area police forces are scrambling to come up with new recruits.

Borger police are now doing something they haven't done in fifteen years... pay for a recruit's training, books, a car, gas and a salary too. For academy student Justin Farmer, it's made all the difference. It is hard with families, he says. You can't just quit a job and go to a daytime academy because it is like a full time job, Farmer says.

The free tuition and extras are in exchange for a three year commitment from farmer to the Borger police department. Farmer points out more people would become police officers if they had a similar opportunity. A captain at the station tells us officers there often leave for higher paying jobs in bigger towns or the private sector.

We're told the Borger police force and others around the Texas panhandle must now come up with creative ways to do more with less help.